Tasty and with their own character, they leave no one in doubt!


“Una de bravas!” is one of the most intoned phrases in the Spanish bars and restaurants.

Depending on where you go, you will find Potatoes in spicy sauce with or without tomato, but always with a degree of spiciness which makes them unique.

THE BRAVEST is faithful to the Madrid tradition and its sauce doesn’t contain tomato. Made with love and some secret ingredients (as it should).

Información nutricional media por 100 g

Valor energético 341 kJ 81 Kcal
Grasas 3,1 g
De las cuales saturadas 0,4 g
Hidratos de carbono 11,8 g
De los cuales azúcares 0,3 g
Proteínas 1,5 g
Sal 0,8 g

Ingredients: potatoes 50% (E.U. origin), cured ham broth, onion, olive oil 2%, corn starch, salt, paprika, sherry vinegar (contains sulphites), aroma (flavour enhancers: monosodium glutamate and disodium 5´ribonucleoside) and spices

Net weight: 260g
Gluten and dairy free
Made in Spain