Regalos para eventos

Gifts for Events

Original, affordable, uncommon – the ones that will make you stand out.

Choosing gifts for guests at a corporate or personal event is one of the most talked-about details and greatly influences how attendees will remember the experience.

We can’t think of a better gift than one related to one of the most cherished values in our culture: gastronomy.

We know that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, something most of us can agree on, so you’re already ahead. It always brings a smile, a positive reaction, making gourmet gifts for events a surefire hit.


The key to setting yourself apart and leaving an impression on your guests.


Tía Tapa offers you the only Spanish gastronomy tapas, presented in a never-before-seen way: in a uniquely designed can, featuring bold illustrations of our most genuine, streetwise and badass flamenca.

 Our tapas are crafted with natural ingredients, following traditional recipes that will transport you directly to the taste of Spain. From paella to chorizo in cider, a variety that will please all palates. Have you ever seen paella in a can before? The same look of surprise at the event will be multiplied by X.


Amaze with a gift that nobody expects.


Completely original, budget-friendly, and never seen before. And very, very Spanish. That’s why several companies and individuals have also chosen us for their events with international audiences.

 Easy to take home: with total safety, thanks to its packaging that doesn’t require refrigeration. They can check it in, if necessary, as check-in is allowed.


If you want people to talk about you…


Tía Tapa offers you the possibility to personalize event gifts with cases featuring your logo, special message, adding a personalized and unique touch. This will ensure that the moment is remembered and appreciated by all attendees.

 Surprise your guests. Whether you’re organizing a convention, conference, wedding, or any other type of event, our event gifts will be the perfect choice.

Tell us what you need. Let’s create a unique experience together.


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