I represent the tradition of a country that I adore in its most open, daring and non-conformist side. The best parts… the people, the culture and a gastronomy that takes your breath away. Diverse, rich in nuances, profound, joyful and authentic.

Because I am really cool, I have immortalised in a tin some of the most delicious tapas of our gastronomy so that you always have a little bit of me close by, a moment with a taste of Spain.

Tía Tapa

Tapas Selection

TÍA TAPA astound us for being the most POPULAR, BRAVE, CARNAL, COOL and above all MOST BELOVED hostess of Spanish gastronomy.

Tía Tapa Cocido Madrileño
Tía Tapa Tortilla española

Quality and Art

Our tapas are liked from the first mouthful to the last

They are faithful to traditional recipes and are packaged at exactly the right moment of the cooking process in order to maintain all their nutritional properties and flavour

Made from local and carefully selected natural ingredients, from the land and the sea. Free from gluten and lactose

Hassle-free: open, heat and enjoy!

About us

We are Sonsoles and María, and between us have more than 45 years experience in different business projects. 

At the end of the pandemic, something clicked and, among all the ideas we had, we decided to pursue the one that completely hooked us: TÍA TAPA. We’ve dedicated ourselves, in body and soul to it, and have now made it a reality.

After intense months searching for those recipes that we all fall in love with, we have achieved the desired results: AUTHENTIC SPANISH TAPAS that do not need preservation. A potato omelette that you can take to Siberia or a paella that you can enjoy on a space station.

WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE ACHIEVED IT: take our tapas, anywhere in the world, in a suitcase.


Interested in Tía Tapa? Write to us, we promise to answer.